Standard Issue Bandana - Buffalo Check

Standard Issue Bandana - Buffalo Check


Bandana by Resq Co.

Timeless, classic and pretty damn cute.

Just roll and knot to give style to your pup. 

Handmade from repurposed fabric. Made in California, USA

S/M – 13X 13″ Fits necks ranging from 9-12″

M/L- 23X23″  Fit’s necks ranging from 13-22″

Machine washable

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About The Brand

RESQ/CO was born out of the particular circumstance of it’s founder, Genny Davila whose life was radically changed when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which eventually forced her to leave her fast-paced career as an Art Director in the action sports industry. With new found time on her hands and her dog moose  by her side, Genny got involved in local animal rescue organizations and soon became a regular foster parent for shelter animals that needed homes. She found her inspiration after many days spent seaside watching Moose and countless other dogs enjoy the fresh air and freedom. Utilizing her skills developed from years as a designer and combining them with her passion for helping animals, she drew from old techniques and fabrications used in boating and ranching and transformed them into quality, hand-made goods for dogs.