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Being born and raised in Iowa, I value the authenticity of character and love of quality experiences! After living the past 15 years in Southern California  working in the apparel industry,  designing men's and women's apparel and accessories for PacSun, Obey Clothing and Vans. Slowly I began to observe and feel uncertain about the future of the Apparel industry.

I am following a dream of opening an eclectic  space that embodies the essence of a positive lifestyle and appreciation for quality, sustainable and fair trade.   Within this growing space, we can slow down our need for increasing consumption, and gain awareness for quality of artisanal products over quantity of resources that are depleting our planet.  At Fischer Studio, you will find an array of quality products including home goods, timeless yet modern women’s, men’s and children's accessories and apparel as well as vintage finds for the whole family! Fischer Studio also values the importance of growth in relationships and self.  With that, we offer workshops and other attended events to every member of the community.

I hope to inspire my customers with the things I love.